Pea Sized Lump On Throat Pea-sized Lump Under My Chin!?

Pea-sized lump under my chin!? - pea sized lump on throat

I just had a pierced lip, right side of the mouth and secure instant messaging for the infection, how big lips and big things with the yellow of the hole.

I was cold in recent weeks and usually ear, nose and sore throat and tonsillitis.

And I just found out in developing countries can peasized a bump under the chin, jaw size and my right hand, I feel a little pain is under my kind of wisdom teeth is to have two ... in fear, because it could have cancer or severe Smth

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Anama said...

You need to get the infection under control of the lip, go see a doctor. The bulge under the chin is more likely that a lymph node response to infection.
Go to the doc and get some antibiotics for the lips, and I'm sorry, but the drill may need to go now. The only thing you see is yellow and it was before the effort to establish this severe infection stage
Remove know I am personally not only for peroxide and wait until someone who has an infected piercing, that it better soon.

roxanne said...

First, relax. It is an enlarged lymph nodes. It hurts because it has grown rapidly because you have an infection of the lymph nodes have filtering bacteria into the bloodstream. Swelling, if one works hard. Probably an infection, because there are many bacteria in the mouth. Try hydrogen peroxide (swish it in my mouth and spit) in it. You may not need antibiotics if you can keep the water clean. You can also gargle with warm salt water.

Cancer, on the other hand, develops slowly, and it would be painful. It takes about 30 years, smoking and drinking, cancer of the lips or mouth.

dancemis... said...

You should have a doctor about your lips. What can be the size of a pea under her chin, a ganglion, but be careful, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

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